2015 Utbildning och forskning Övrigt

Aiding Science. An analysis of Swedish Research Aid Policy 1973 – 2008

Veronica Brodén Gyberg

Veronica Brodén Gryberg has in this report summarized her dissertation on the topic of Swedish research aid policy. The dissertation investigates how Swedish official aid policy constructed the role of research for development in low-income countries between 1973 and 2008. The overarching purpose of the study is to contribute to an understanding of how science has been conceived of as a tool for progress in the post-World War II period. Questions include: How was the role of research for development constructed? How are individual researchers and universities seen to contribute to development? How is the role of the aid actor portrayed? I sought to identify trends and patterns as a way to analyse the kind of futures that were imagined in the policy documents with respect to the role of science.