How Can Development Cooperation Support Climate Action?

24 februari, 14:00-15:30, Zoom

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Welcome to a webinar on international support to national climate change action, with a focus on Nationally Determined Contributions. This digital event is organized by EBA in collaboration with Sida.

Two recent reports have assessed the alignment of Swedish development cooperation with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change: the EBA working paper Alignment of Sweden’s Multilateral Aid with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (2020:November) and a Sida report on the Alignment of Swedish Bilateral Development Cooperation with the Paris Climate Agreement. In both reports, support to countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) stands out as key to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. In addition, contributions to the somewhat vague and elusive “transformation” of societies are called for to lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience towards climate change. Against this background, this webinar will examine how development cooperation can best help save the climate.

Questions that will be addressed during the webinar include: How can Swedish aid increasingly contribute to reducing climate change? How can the international support to NDCs be improved? What are the roles for bilateral donors and for various multilateral organisations? Can NDCs become frameworks in which poor countries’ efforts to reduce poverty and develop walk hand in hand with reduced GHG emissions and increased climate resilience?


Ulrika Modéer, Assistant General Secretary, UNDP
Luis Tineo, Lead Operations Officer, Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, World Bank
Catherine Diam-Valla, Climate Change Technical Specialist, UNDP
Pacifica Achieng Ogola, Director, Climate Group, Ministry of the Environment, Kenya
Ulrika Åkesson, Lead Policy Specialist, Environment and Climate Change, Sida
Mats Hårsmar, Deputy Managing Director, EBA

Moderator: Johan Schaar, vice chair, EBA

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