Drivers of development – What do we know? And what to do?

19 december, 15:00-16:30, Medelhavsmuséet

Sweden has an ambitious approach in promoting global development through the Policy for Global Development (PGU) and through Swedish international development cooperation. Over time, there have been shifts in the relative focus of different thematic priorities, however, at large the tendency has been to include quite a broad range of themes in policies and in the international development cooperation portfolio – an approach that has been criticised on several occasion, e.g. by OECD-DAC. But if there is a need for more focus – what should Sweden prioritise? And are some thematic issues more important than others?

In a new EBA-report “Revitalising the Policy for Global Development” by Per Molander, the point of departure is to discuss what policies for global development and international development cooperation that a small country like Sweden should focus on. The report and the conclusions are based on a systematic assessment of the current knowledgebase. The presentation of the report will be a starting point for comments and reflections on central issues for development and the implications for Swedish policies for global development and international development cooperation.


15:00 Welcome and introduction
Lars Heikensten, Chair, EBA

15:10 Revitalising the Policy for Global Development
Per Molander, PhD, Policy Analyst, Author of EBA-report

15:30 Comments and reflections
Jesper Roine, Associate Professor of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, and Geske Dijkstra, Professor of Governance and Global Development, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

16:00 Policy implications and Swedish priorities
Ulrika Modéer, State Secretary for Development Cooperation

16:25 Concluding remarks
Lars Heikensten