DDB-seminar: Drivers for development: advocacy, diversification, donations and endowments

20 januari, 15:00-17:00, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Fredsgatan 6, Stockholm

In the Expert Group for Aid Studies’ (EBA) Development Dissertation Briefs seminar series, recent PhDs present their research, focusing on its relevance for Swedish development cooperation. This is an opportune moment for actors in development cooperation to learn not only about recent research but also about Swedish researchers or researchers active in Sweden with competence within their field.

The four dissertation briefs presented at this seminar, Going With the Flow or Swimming aAainst the Current? Interplay of Formal Rules, Informal Norms and NGO Advocacy Stategies,  The When and Why of Helping: Individual and Organizational Decision Making From a Psychological Perspective, Child Education, Child Labour and the Agricultural Economy samt Path Dependent Possibilities of Transformation: Agricultural Change and Economic Development in North and South Vietnam, address a number of perspectives at the heart of the development policy and practice such as: What are the psychological mechanisms behind peoples’ choices to give money to charities or other civil society organisations? How do rules and norms affect civil society actors’ advocacy strategies? What is the role of factor endowments for economic development? How are household structures, and human capital formation, related to income diversification strategies?

These presentations form the basis for a discussion on the implications for Swedish development cooperation with Gun Eriksson Skoog, Senior Policy Specialist, Sida, and Magnus Björk, External Cooperation Advisor, Forum Syd.


15.00 Introduction
Eva Lithman, member of the EBA

15.05 Presentation of the EBA Development Dissertation Briefs

The when and why of helping
Arvid Erlandsson, PhD, 2015, Department of Psychology, Lund University 

Child education, child labor and the agricultural economy
Elin Vimefall, PhD, 2015, Department of Economics, Örebro University

Path dependent possibilities of transformation
Montserrat López Jerez, PhD, 2014, School of Economics and Management, Lund University

Formal rules, informal norms and NGO advocacy strategies
Yumiko Yasuda, PhD, 2014, Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science, University of Dundee

16.05 Discussion
Gun Eriksson Skoog, PhD, Senior Policy Specialist Employment, Sida
Magnus Björk, External Cooperation Advisor, Forum Syd
Moderator: Eva Lithman

16.55 Concluding remarks