2021 Fred, säkerhet och konflikt Övrigt

The Invisibility Cloak – How ‘Internationals’ Emotions Affect Their Listening in Peacebuilding Partnerships

Pernilla Johansson

Effective peacebuilding requires international actors to listen to local partners, which often fails in practice. Through interviews with practitioners, donors and researchers, this DDB identifies how everyday emotions help or hinder the receptivity to local perspectives.

Pernilla Johansson defended her dissertation The Emotional is Political: Analyzing Listening Practices of ‘Internationals’ in Peacebuilding Partnerships in June 2018 at the Department of Political Science, University of California, Irvine. She has extensive experience as a peacebuilding practitioner at an INGO and works at Sida Partnership Forum from April 2021. Her focus areas in research and practice involve learning and culture issues in organizations working for social change.