Poverty and marginalisation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has experienced significant economic growth and social development in recent years, but this has not benefited the whole population. The study addresses the questions of why and how Bangladesh’s economic development has excluded the country’s most vulnerable populations. Specifically, the aim of the study is to increase the understanding of the drivers behind and experiences of extreme poverty and marginalisation among ethnic and religious minorities in the country. The study is qualitative and based on empirical material collected through interviews and focus groups in Bangladesh.

Owasim Akram, researcher (post-doctoral) at Örebro university

Mathilde Maîtrot, lecturer at the University of Bath

Joe Devine, professor at the University of Bath

Anders Uhlin, professor at Lund university (advisory role)

Ann-Catrin Kristianssen, senior lecturer at Örebro university (advisory role)

Chairman of the reference group: Julia Schalk

Project manager at EBA: Helena Hede Skagerlind

The report is expected to be launched in spring of 2024.