2015 Evaluation of Aid Mapping

Utvärdering av svenskt bistånd – en kartläggning

Expertgruppen för biståndsanalys

An essential difference between international aid and other publicly financed activities is that development cooperation occurs abroad. Both learning and holding decision makers to account is complicated by geographical distance and the way activities are organised.

How Swedish international aid is evaluated have previsously not been systematically complied. This study maps out how Swdish international aid has been evaluated during 2013.

The report was presented during the seminar Utvärdering av svenskt bistånd – för många eller för få?


  • The mapping indicates that a vast number of actors are involved in the evaluation of Swedish aid. Most of these actors commssion evaluations of their own aid interventions, but there is also external scrutiny taking place.
  • The mapping indicates that Sida and Sidas partners most often request similar or fairly similar methods of data collection in Terms-of-References (qualitative methods are predominant).