Is strategic secondments an effective tool?

This report highlights how Sweden works with one of the many tools available to cooperate with and influence multilateral organizations, namely secondments. The overall conclusion of the evaluation is that senior secondments can be an effective instrument in Swedish advocacy work, but only under the right conditions and circumstances.
Published 4 October 2022 – Read more

New report about Swedish Aid to Agriculture

Agricultural development has strong poverty reduction leverage. Still, Swedish aid to agriculture, forestry and fishery constitute meagre shares. A recent mapping indicate severe underreporting.
Published 22 September 2022 – Read more
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Organisation and Management of Aid


Swedish Development Cooperation with Ethiopia: Sixty Years of Lessons Learned

Bereket Kebede, Leif Danielsson, Hailu Elias, Gunnar Köhlin

One of the most important partner countries for Swedish aid historically has been Ethiopia. This evaluation examines 60 years of Swedish development cooperation with Ethiopia. In recent decades, Swedish aid to Ethiopia has focused on...

Background pattern


Organisation and Management of Aid

Description of method, Review

How to change the world? An anthology of theories of change in development work

Kim Forss, Númi Östlund

Theories of change have emerged as a model for governing, planning and monitoring aid. In this anthology, a range of researchers and practitioners explore the use of theories of change in aid. The various texts offer a mix of historical...


Organisation and Management of Aid


A Team Player and Free Agent: Sweden’s Engagement with EU Country and Joint Programming

Erik Lundsgaarde

This study explores the relationship between Sweden and the EU in development cooperation. It focuses on programming at the partner country level, where a majority of development cooperation is programmed and implemented. The country level...

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