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Democracy and Human Rights

Analysis, Mapping

Supporting Elections Effectively: Principles and Practice of Electoral Assistance

Antonio Spinelli, Peter Wolf, Sead Alihodžić, Therese Pearce Laanela

As part of its democracy support, Sweden regularly assists countries that conduct parliamentary, presidential and local elections. An international community of Election Assistance (EA) practitioners has over decades built norms and...


Evaluation of Aid

Description of method

Credible Explanations of Development Outcomes with Bayesian Theory-Based Evaluation

Barbara Befani

Watch our webinar on the report, Friday 15 October at 1–3 p.m.: This report presents an innovative methodology to conduct theory-based evaluations. It retains several advantages of both qualitative and...


Evaluation of Aid


What Do Evaluations Say About the Effectiveness of Swedish Aid Interventions? (in Swedish)

Markus Burman

Bedömningar av måluppfyllelse har en central roll i utvärdering inom biståndet. Når insatser sina mål? Bidrar de till önskad förändring? Att tillförlitligt besvara sådana frågor är viktigt för att regeringen, riksdagen, Sidas...

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