Aid in shrinking democratic spaces

We are living in an era where civil liberties are increasingly under threat. How does this trend affect forms and content of Swedish international development cooperation?
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EBA-invitation for proposals: evaluate the NDF

EBA invites proposals for evaluate the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). Focus on institutional performances in accordance to mandate and potential future role as a joint Nordic financing instrument for development. Find more information...
Published 21 August 2018 – Read more
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Human Rights, War, security and conflict

Underfunded Appeals: Understanding the Consequences, Improving the System

Sophia Swithern

The EBA-report Underfunded Appeals. Understanding the Consequences, Improving the System studies the consequences of funding covering less and less of the stated urgent humanitarian needs worldwide. In 2017 the estimated number of...



The Impact of Abortion Legalization on Fertility and Female Empowerment - New Evidence from Mexico

Damian Clarke, Hanna Mühlrad

Hanna Mühlrad is a Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Economics at Lund University, Sweden. Her primary fields of interest are health economics, development economics, labor economics and global and public health. The main focus of...


In Pursuit of Per Diem - Donor and Recipient Practices of Per Diem Payment

Arne Tostensen

Increasing emphasis on capacity-building and training activities as a proportion of donors’ country programmes has drawn attention to per diem practices. This report discusses the uses and abuses of per diem payments, predominantly by...

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