Invitation for proposals: Swedish development cooperation´s response to the HIV epidemic over time

The EBA hereby invites proposals for a study of Sweden’s development cooperation response to the HIV epidemic over time and what can be learnt from the process. Applications to submit tenders shall be registered at the tender portal Kommers Annons eLite https://www.kommersannons.se/elite/Notice/NoticeOverview.aspx?ProcurementId=43868, no later than 31 January 2021.
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Democracy Aid – Are There Any Effects?

PRESS RELEASE 20201209 New study: Democracy aid has an impact Does development cooperation aimed at strengthening democracy work? A new study from the Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA) addresses critical knowledge gaps on aid...
Published 9 December 2020 – Read more

How can cash transfer support during crisis?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating consequences for people living in poverty. As a response to the crisis, several countries have initiated, or expanded cash transfer programmes directed at households. The EBA has contributed to a...
Published 2 December 2020 – Read more
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Effects of Swedish and International Democracy Aid

Ana Horigoshi, Kunal Sen, Melissa Samarin, Miguel Niño-Zarazúa, Rachel M. Gisselquist

Effects of Swedish and International Democracy Aid Swedish and international democracy aid explores the effects of aid on countries level of democracy and under what conditions it might work better. The study draws both on a systematic...

Background pattern


The Promise of Payday: Exploring the role of state cash transfers in post-apartheid rural South...

Stefan Granlund

Cash transfer programs have become a significant tool in efforts to reduce poverty. Focusing on the Child Support Grant, this DDB explores the material and socio-relational implications of state cash transfers in rural South...



Alignment of Sweden’s Multilateral Aid with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Lisa Hjelm, Mats Hårsmar

The study contains assessments of 25 multilateral organisations receiving support from Swedish ODA. To what extent are their work aligned with the Paris Agreement in terms of climate mitigation, adaptation to adverse effects of climate...

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