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New Working Paper: “Corruption and Aid: A Literature Review” (in Swedish)

Korruption inom biståndet är en återkommande fråga i samhällsdebatten. I denna underlagsrapport sammanställer rapportförfattaren slutsatser från akademisk och grå litteratur kring korruptionens omfattning inom biståndet. Översikten berör primärt korruption inom biståndet och inte korruption som utvecklingshinder.
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Working paper

New Working Paper: “Forced Displacement and the Humanitarian‐Development Nexus: A Roundtable Anthology”

This Working Paper summarises three roundtable discussions arranged by EBA during Spring 2021 under the theme "Forced Displacement and the Humanitarian‐Development Nexus." The three roundtables looked at challenges and opportunities for working within the nexus, with a respective focus on internal displacement, livelihoods and financial health, and coherence between donor and host country measures. The latter roundtable was co-organised by EBA and the OECD Development Centre.
Published 21 June 2021 – Read more
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Data Science Methods in Development Evaluation: Exploring the Potential

Gustav Engström, Jonas Norén

This report examines the potential of using data science and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in development evaluation. It looks at how such methods can be used produce reliable assessments of what past evaluations have concluded about...


Democracy and Human Rights


Effects of Swedish and International Democracy Aid

Ana Horigoshi, Kunal Sen, Melissa Samarin, Miguel Niño-Zarazúa, Rachel M. Gisselquist Democracy aid is a key component of Swedish international development cooperation. The EBA report Effects of Swedish and international democracy aid explores the effects of aid on countries...


Democracy and Human Rights, Equality


Sextortion: Corruption And Gender-Based Violence

Åsa Eldén, Dolores Calvo, Elin Bjarnegård, Silje Lundgren, Sofia Jonsson The abuse of power and position in exchange for sexual favours – sextortion – is both a form of corruption and of gender-based violence (GBV), which makes it difficult to address. How should...

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