Anti-discrimination and the fight against poverty

Many living in poverty belong to discriminated against groups. Anti-discrimination work are key to reduce poverty. Still, not enough is known about what gives the best effects in anti-discrimination. See the seminar here.
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Impact of Civil Society Anti-Discrimination Initiatives: A Rapid Review

Andrew Shepherd, Dhruva Mathur, Rachel Marcus

Poor people often belong to discriminated against groups. For a sustainable reduction of poverty, it is necessary to work against discrimination and disrespect of human rights. How effective are anti-discrimination measures undertaken...



A Climate for Change? Political Communication and the Prospects of Large-Scale Collective Action on...

Stefan Linde

Stefan Linde is a post-doctoral researcher in political science at the Department Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences, at Luleå University of Technology. His current employment is within the project ‘Governing...


Blockchain as a tool in humanitarian action - a brief overview of potential uses

Anna Bäckman

This working paper will discuss the possible potential of using blockchain technology in the humanitarian system to facilitate aid. It starts with a brief overview of the system of today followed by an introduction to blockchain technology...

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