Invitation for proposals

Invitation for proposals: Evaluation of Sida’s efforts to reduce corruption in partner countries

We hereby invites proposals for an evaluation of Sida’s efforts to reduce corruption in partner countries. The aim of the evaluation is to explore and assess Sida’s work against corruption as a development obstacle. More specifically, the evaluation will study the extent to which Sida’s efforts to contribute to the reduction of corruption in partner countries are in line with current knowledge about effective approaches to anti-corruption.
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Invitation for proposals

Call for researcher-initiated proposals

EBA has decided to allocate funds for studies within any of its prioritised areas (poverty and its drivers; environment and climate; steering and organisation of Swedish aid). Funds are available for researchers active at institutions...
Published 21 April 2022 – Read more
Annual report

Annual report: The EBA Aid Review 2022

Our annual report highlights a number of issues. Among them are development assistance in challenging environments, improved aid evaluation methods and also norms and values in development cooperation.
Published 12 April 2022 – Read more
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Peace, Security and Conflict


Practicing Peacebuilding Principles

Gary Milante, Jannie Lilja, Jups Kluyskens, Johanna Lindström

Sweden has long been at the forefront of promoting international principles for engagement in fragile and conflict-ridden countries. In the EBA study Practicing Peacebuilding Principles: A Study of Sweden´s Engagement in Fragile and...


Peace, Security and Conflict


Evaluation of the Folke Bernadotte Academy

Nicklas Svensson, Julian Brett, Adam Moe Fejerskov, Charlotte Bonnet

The Folke Bernadotte Academy has become an important actor in Swedish aid, both financially and in terms of mandates within several strategies. The purpose of the study In Pursuit of Sustainable Peace: An Evaluation of the Folke...


Organisation and Management of Aid


Informed or knowledgeable: Evaluation of aid information and communication projects 2010–2020

Cecilia Strand, Maria Grafström

Swedish development cooperation has for many years been accompanied by specific efforts to inform and communicate about aid to the Swedish public and since 2010, this work is guided by a specific strategy. The EBA study “Informed or...

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