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Jan Pettersson

Managing Director

Jan is Managing Director at the EBA. Prior to joining the EBA, he was economic adviser at the Ministry of Finance. Before that he was a reasearch fellow at Uppsala University and Stockholm University, working mainly within development economics. He was the secretary for the Swedish Economic Council between 2006-2007. Jan holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Stockholm University.

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Mats Hårsmar

Deputy Managing Director

Mats is Programme Manager at the EBA. Prior to re-joining the EBA for a second round 2018 he was Chargé d’Affaires and Head of Development Cooperation at the Swedish Embassy in Burkina Faso. Further, he has served as senior researcher, research cluster leader and briefly Director General at the Nordic Africa Institute. During 2004 – 2009 he served as head of the secretariat of the Expert Group for Development Issues, EGDI, and later Chief Analyst for development policies at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Mats’ disciplinary background is institutional economics and political science. He holds a PhD degree from the Rural Development Department at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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Markus Burman

Programme Manager

Markus is programme manager at EBA. Prior to joining EBA he held a position as senior advisor at SWECO. During his career as a consultant Markus have been specializing in evaluation, industrial policy and regional growth policy, gender equality and environmental policy. He has been the project manager for a large number of studies and evaluations for the Government Offices of Sweden as well as Swedish state, regional and municipal authorities. Markus holds an MA. degree from Stockholm University.

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Lisa Hjelm

Programme Manager

Lisa is Programme Manager at the EBA. Prior to joining the EBA, she held a position as Social Policy Officer at UNICEF where her areas of work were research, evaluation, and programme support in relation to social protection programmes and child poverty analysis in Eastern and Southern Africa. Lisa has also worked at the World Food Programme, where she conducted food security and nutrition studies. Lisa has a master’s degree in Public Health Sciences from the University of Gothenburg.

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Anna Florell

Assistant Programme Manager

Anna Florell is Assistant Programme Manager at EBA. Prior to joining the EBA she administered Research and Development Activities for the Swedish National Board of Institutional Care. Anna has worked mostly within the public sector, foremost with the Swedish Government Offices. She holds an international secretarial degree, has studied investigative sociology and statistics at Stockholm University and is a certified project manager.

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Númi Östlund

Programme Manager

Númi is Programme Manager at the EBA. Prior to joining the EBA Númi led AidHedge where he focused primarily on risk, efficiency, and currency management in aid and international development. He has worked at the Swedish National Audit Office, auditing budget processes in aid, multilateral aid and currency management. Númi has a master’s degree in Political Science from Stockholm University.

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Helena Skagerlind

Programme Manager

Helena Skagerlind is programme manager at the EBA. Prior to joining the EBA, she worked as a researcher and teacher within the areas of global development, human rights, gender equality and CSR at Stockholm University’s Department of Political Science. In 2019, she defended her Ph.D. thesis ”Governing Development: the Millennium Development Goals and Gender Policy Change in Sub-Saharan Africa”. Helena has previously worked with CSR project evaluation in India and with EU-related issues at Europahuset in Stockholm. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and a BSc in Economics, both from Stockholm University.

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Emma Hernborg

Communications Manager

Emma Hernborg is Communications Manager at EBA. Prior to this she was the Social Media Manager at Sida, Sweden's government agency for development cooperation. Emma has also been Communications Manager at National Board of Health and Welfare, as well as NGO:s like Amnesty Sweden and Diakonia. She has a master’s degree in Science Journalism from Umeå University.

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