2020 Climate

Evaluation of the Swedish Climate Change Initiative, 2009 – 2012

Jane Burt, John Colvin, Mehjabeen Abidi Habib, Miriam Kugele, Mutizwa Mukute, Jessica Wilson

In 2009, the Swedish Government launched the Climate Change Initiative (CCI), a four-year programme of investments in climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, targeting some of the poorest countries. The CCI amounted to SEK 4 billion of ODA.

Ten years later, this surge of climate finance, including the bilateral, regional and multilateral activities to which it was put to use, has been evaluated with a focus on long-term effects and sustainability. The evaluation is presented in a synthesis report and ten separate case study reports.

A general conclusion is that the CCI helped Sweden to take a leading role, and promoting e.g. country ownership and gender equality, in key international organisations.