2018 Equality, Public Administration Evaluation

Putting Priority into Practice: Sida’s Implementation of its Plan for Gender Integration

Elin Bjarnegård, Fredrik Uggla

The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA) commissioned an evaluation that followed Sida’s work over time through an ongoing research project. The report is a systematic follow-up which examines the plan for gender integration that has been in place since 2016.

The study is based on interviews and focus groups with Sida staff, locally employed staff and Sida partners. The authors have analysed close to 150 contributions and conducted field studies in Myanmar and Zambia.

The report was presented during the seminar Jämställdhetsperspektivet i svenskt bistånd (in Swedish).


  • The authors of the report considered that Sida had implemented most of the plan’s objectives.
  • The gender integration contributions lack balance and are dependent on the engagement and expertise of the individual employee.
  • Consideration is almost always given to issues of gender equality and the proportion of support given to gender equality projects has increased.
  • The type of analysis considered necessary for effective gender integration is often lacking.

Elin Bjarnegård, Associate Professor, Uppsala University

Fredrik Uggla, Associate Professor, Stockholm University