2022 Economic Development, Evaluation of Aid Mapping

Mapping Swedish Aid to Agriculture

Ivar Virgin, Alice Castensson, Filippa Ek, Ylva Ran

Agricultural development has strong poverty reduction leverage in low-income countries. Still, in Swedish development cooperation aid to agriculture, forestry and fishery constitute meagre shares. During 2005 to 2020 official statistics showed a relatively stable agricultural share of around 3 percent of the aid budget, and some 5,5 percent of funds distributed by Sida. However, is this the true picture? A recent mapping, commissioned by the Expert Group for Aid Studies indicate severe underreporting.

During the period 2005–2020

  • Swedish international development, and aid to agricuture, were increasingly directed
    at sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Swedish aid to agriculture was significantly lower than comparable shares from other donor
    countries, such as Finland, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium;
  • Sweden distributed agricultural aid under other labels, such as climate adaptation or
    gender equality;
  • the real share of agricultural aid in Swedish development cooperation was probably 5-6
    percent, and between 8-9 percent of the total aid distributed by Sida.

Ivar Virgin, Senior Research Fellow, Stockholm Environment Institute

Ylva Ran, Researcher, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Filippa Ek, forskare, Stockholm Environment Institute

Alice Castensson, Associate, Stockholm Environment Institute