2019 Climate and Environment

A Climate for Change? Political Communication and the Prospects of Large-Scale Collective Action on Climate Change

Stefan Linde

Stefan Linde is a post-doctoral researcher in political science at the Department Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences, at Luleå University of Technology. His current employment is within the project ‘Governing Sustainability’, funded by the Swedish Research Council. The project uses a country-comparative experimental design to study the contextual and motivational mechanisms behind public support for governmental behavioral interventions and the implementation of policy instruments.

Linde’s research interests lie at the intersection of theories of collective action, political behavior, and political communication. He is especially interested in studying how (political) communication affects individual attitudes towards cooperation in large-scale collective action dilemmas. Empirically, his research mainly focuses on environmental and climate change policy.

The Development Dissertation Brief (DDB) is a summary of his doctoral thesis Communication and Cooperation: A Study of the Relationship Between Political Communication and Large-scale Collective Action. The summary was presented at an EBA-seminar in May 2019.