2016 Regionalt bistånd

Support to Regional Cooperation and Integration in Africa – What Works and Why?

Therese Brolin, Fredrik Söderbaum

Regional cooperation and integration in Africa has deepened and expanded considerably during the last two decades, partly as a result of intesified outside support and financing. Over time, Sweden has provided substantial support in to regional cooperation in Africa. The current strategy (2010-2015) accounts to some 3,5 billion SEK, and in 2015 a new strategy is to be defined.

There is a knowledge deficit about the logic and consequences of external support to regional cooperation and integrations in Africa. The aim of the study is to investigate what works and why,and to assess the implications for a donors like Sweden.

Many donors strategies are focused on supporting African regional organizations. Limited results are often explained in terms of weak capacity. The study investigates the underlying logic for donor strategies and assumptions about regional cooperation. External support to regionalism in Africa takes many shapes and forms. In the study, the impact of different forms and types of support will be investigated. The overall purpose is to provide analysis and relevant lessons for future Swedish support.