Sweden’s support for development in Africa

18 October, 08:30, Birger Jarlsgatan 57A

Sweden’s support for development in Africa

October 18, at 09.00 – 16.25, Spårvagnshallarna (Birger Jarlsgatan 57 A)

Coffee and registration begins at 08.30

Sweden has a long history of development cooperation with Africa. Bilateral and regional support to sub-Saharan Africa still constitutes a substantial part of Swedish aid. But what do we know about the results of Sweden’s engagement? How should the partnerships be formulated and how best to evaluate them in order to learn lessons for future collaboration? In the seminar, three new EBA studies on Swedish development cooperation in an African context will be presented and discussed:

  • Exploring donorship – Internal factors in Swedish aid to Uganda, by Stein-Erik Kruse (Nordic Consulting Group) – a report on the internal factors that have influenced the effectiveness of Sweden’s support to Uganda over the period 2009-2015.
  • Long-term Development Co-operation between Sweden and Tanzania, by Mark McGillivray, David Carpenter, Oliver Morrissey and Julie Thaarup – a report on Sweden’s collaboration with Tanzania over the past 50 years which seeks to explain to what extent Sweden has contributed to poverty reduction in Tanzania during this period.
  • Support to Regional Cooperation and Integration in Africa – what works and why?, by Fredrik Söderbaum and Therese Brolin – a report on the lessons that can be learned from previous support to regional cooperation and integration in Africa and how to do better.

The reports will be the starting point for a discussion on what lessons may be learned from Sweden’s experiences. There will also be room for reflections on how the results of development cooperation with individual countries may be evaluated. Both these dimensions, as well as coordination issues more broadly, will feature as separate issues for discussion in three parallel break-out sessions. The objective with these parallel sessions is to further the thinking on these topics.

The day will conclude with a panel discussion on issues arising from the reports around aid effectiveness. Aspects such as ownership will be addressed as well as the broader question of what happened to the international agreements (in Paris, Accra and Busan) on aid effectiveness!? We look forward to a full day of fruitful exchange!


08.30-09.00:    Registration

09.00-09.10:    Welcome and introduction (Lars Heikensten, Chairman of EBA)

09.10-10.10:    Exploring donorship – Internal factors in Swedish aid to Uganda (Presentation: Stein-Erik Kruse, Nordic Consulting Group)


Robert-Jan Scheer (Strategic Advisor Africa Region, Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

Elliot Stern (Professor at University of Lancaster and University of Bristol)

10.10-10.30:   Coffee/Tea

10.30-11.30:   Long-term Development Co-operation between Sweden and Tanzania

(Presentation: Mark McGillivray, Professor of International Development at the Alfred Deakin Institute, Deakin University)


Tausi Mbaga Kida (Executive Director, Economic and Social Research Foundation, ESRF)

Kjell Havnevik (Professor at University of Agder)

11.30-12.30:   Break-out sessions

  • lessons on how Sweden’s development cooperation with individual countries can contribute to sustainable poverty reduction (moderator: Torbjörn Pettersson, Assistant Director General and Head of Africa Department, Sida)
  • how to evaluate long-term development cooperation (moderator: Riitta Oksanen, Senior advisor at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Development Evaluation Unit)
  • coordination challenges for Sweden’s development collaboration with individual countries (TBA)

12.30-13.30:   Lunch

13.30-15.00:    Support to Regional Cooperation and Integration in Africa – what works and why?

(Presentation: Fredrik Söderbaum, Professor of Peace and Development Research at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg & Therese Brolin, PhD student in Human Geography at the University of Gothenburg)

Harry Hagan (Senior Economic Adviser, DFID)

Elling Tjönneland (Senior researcher at the Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen)

15.00-15.20:   Coffee/Tea

15.20-16.25:    Panel discussion on lessons for the effectiveness of aid

Introduced by Göran Hydén (Professor, University of Florida)


Tausi Mbaga Kida (Executive Director, ESRF)

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka (Chair of OECD-DAC, outgoing Director General of Sida)

Elliot Stern (Professor, University of Bristol)

16.25-16.30:   Closing words

Registration: Please register at www.eba.se or to ud.eba.seminarium@gov.se
Please inform us which break-out session you want to participate in and if you like to participate the full day or just at selected parts of the programme.
The number of seats is limited.