Payment by Results in Aid: Does it Work in practice?

23 may, 10:30-11:45, Online

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During the last 10–15 years, a new type of aid has been tested and discussed intensively: Payment by Results. The basic idea is that the donor transfers – at least part of – the resources after some pre-agreed results have been achieved.

In this webinar we will discuss: What, more specifically, is Payment by Results and in which areas has it been tried? Why have donors decided to use this method? And more importantly: What do we know from research and evaluations on the effectiveness of Payments by Results? Have any unexpected results been detected?

Geske Dijkstra, author, Emeritus Professor of Governance and Global Development at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Ulf Källstig, Head of the department for Africa, Sida

Moderator: Jan Petterson, EBA

Language: English

Report: Payment by Results in Aid: A Review of the Evidence, Working Paper, Dijkstra, G, May 2023, The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA).