Swedish aid – for the poor?

1 september, 09:00-12:00, Rosenbad, Drottninggatan 5, Stockholm

Seminar on the poverty profile of Swedish aid.

One of the main objectives of Swedish aid is poverty reduction. But how targeted is Swedish aid on poor countries, and on poor people within countries? The starting point of the seminar is lessons about what works in poverty reduction as summarised and formulated by the authors of the Chronic Poverty Report 2014, presented by the author Andrew Shepherd.

The reports The Poverty Focus of Swedish Bilateral Aid: A Comparative Analysis and Poverty Focus in Selected Swedish Portfolios are presented by the authors Bob Baulch and Mats Hårsmar. Baulch has compiled curves and indices on the focus of poverty in Swedish bilateral aid while Hårsmar has studied bilateral aid to the 12 countries where Sweden conducts long-term development aid.