2014 Organisation and Management of Aid Mapping

Svenskt statligt internationellt bistånd i Sverige: en översikt

Expertgruppen för biståndsanalys

One way to define and understand official development assistance (ODA) is as a donor country’s total costs for its work to achieve its aid policy goals

The aim of this study is to chart out the part of Swedish development assistance that is being used in Sweden. Similar to any other use of fiscal resources, the use of international aid should be spent as efficiently as possible.


  • During 2013, almost 11.8 billion SEK of Swedish ODA were transferred to the 182 Sweden-based actors in civil society, public and private sector.
  • Almost 7.2 billion SEK had a direct use within Sweden (around 19 per cent of Sweden’s ODA).
  • In sum, it is estimated that around 3 800 full-time positions in Sweden are financed by Swedish ODA.