2016 Economic Development, Organisation and Management of Aid Review

Revitalising the Policy for Global Development

Per Molander

The present report discusses, on the basis of recent social-science literature, policies for global development and development cooperation from the perspective of a small, non-aligned country.

The report is based on a review of relevant research on “what drives development” and results in a number of policy conclusions for the Policy for Global Development (PGD) and Swedish development assistance.

Policy conclusions

  • Two areas, trade policy and taxation, outside development cooperation emerge as particularly relevant to the development of a coherent policy for global development.
  • Public administration is a key component of state-building and should be a high priority in the foreign aid budget.
  • The fundamental importance of education to development is not reflected in the Swedish ODA budget.
  • International public goods should be a priority in the development cooperation agenda.
  • Techniques for managing divergence of opinion between donor and partner country need to be developed.

Per Molander, PhD, Policy Analyst