2018 Equality Evaluation

On-going Evaluation of Gender Mainstreaming at Sida – Second Report

Hanna Barvaeus, Elin Bjarnegård, Fredrik Uggla

EBA decided in 2016 to initiate “on-going evaluation” on the efforts to strengthen gender mainstreaming at Sida until 2018. This is the second report from the evaluation. This report presents updates and extensions of findings and arguments contained in our first report.

In total, two interim reports and a final EBA report will be presented. The final report will be completed during 2018.

Main findings
The findings in this report are mostly similar to the ones that we presented in previous one, and hence reinforce several of the points that we made in the previous report:

  • The Plan itself is largely unknown both among Sida’s partners and among Sida staff, even as the latter are often aware of some content of the Plan.
  • There is little to suggest any significant de facto change in practices and behaviour during the period assessed.

Elin Bjarnegård, Uppsala University
Fredrik Uggla, Stockholm University