2017 Equality Evaluation

On-going Evaluation of Gender Mainstreaming at Sida – First report

Elin Bjarnegård, Fredrik Uggla

The Expert for Aid Studies decided in 2016 to initiate “on-going evaluation” on the efforts to strengthen gender mainstreaming at Sida until 2018. In total, two interim reports and a final EBA report will be presented. This first report presents the researcher’s “baseline” focusing on gender integration in interventions, strategies and reporting from before the current strategy was put into force. The final report will be completed by the beginning of 2018.

Main findings

  • Interviews with Sida staff shows a high level of acceptance of gender equality as a principle and a generalised perception that the theme is highly present in Sida’s work.
  •  The organisation has to confront internal complacency and try to take the treatment of gender integration further if it is to live up to its reputation for taking gender mainstreaming seriously.
  • The evaluation suggests that the agency’s present actions in this regard may not entirely respons to the challenges and opportunities that the agency faces.
  • For coming phases of the evaluation, a key question will be whether other systems (networks, tool-box and strategy development) van ameliorate this deficiency.

Elin Bjarnegård, Uppsala University
Fredrik Uggla, Stockholm University