2016 Education

Education in Developing Countries what Policies and Programmes Affect Learning and Time in School?

The authors have conduct a study in order to determine which types of education programs are most likely to improve students’ educational outcomes. The study is a synthesis of high quality and rigorous evaluations in the field of education aid in order to direct the Swedish government’s education aid strategy toward investments that have been shown to result in positive impacts on students’ educational outcomes. The synthesis examines studies that have been published in the (peer-reviewed) academic literature since 1990.  It also cover unpublished studies, both academic working papers and evaluations conducted by aid agencies. The final report will also provide a framework and set of best-practices for future syntheses of this type.

Authors: Paul Glewwe, University of Minnesota, Amy Damon, Macalaster College, Suzanne Wisniewski, University of St.Thomas

The report was presented in the following seminar.

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