2015 Business, Public administration

Now Open for Business: Joint development initiatives between the private and public sectors in development cooperation

Ari Kokko, Hanna Norberg, Sara Johansson da Silva

The aim with this study is to analyse existing evidence about the effects of various modes of public-private partnerships in development cooperation and to conclude what forms of partnerships that are expected to work best in certain contexts. What is the underlying theory of change in terms of effects on development objectives? How large is Swedish aid’s engagement in this form of cooperation, in absolute levels and in comparison with other donors? How are the Swedish development assistance PPPs designed in practice (the respective focus on innovative investments, labour rights issues, environment, anti-corruption, joint investments with third-party provision)?
What is known about the results of partnerships in terms of goal fulfillment and effects (output, outcomes and impact)? Is the Swedish experience different from other countries? How are partnerships formed to foster propagation of results, to ensure local ownership and local governance, and to ensure that partnerships are complementary and catalytic and are not distorting local market development or are worsening the transparency of the use of aid.

Authors: Ari Kokko, Hanna Norberg, och Sara Johansson de Silva