Privacy policy

The Expert Group for Aid Studies’ (EBA) addendum to the Privacy Policy of the Government Offices of Sweden

(version 1.0, 2018-05-21)

With the aim to strengthening individual integrity regarding the collection, processing and storage of personal information, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is coming into effect on 25 May 2018. In Sweden, GDPR replaces the Personal Information Act (PUL). The EBA therefore wants to clarify how it uses personal information.


As a Government committee, the Privacy Policy of the Govenment Offices of Sweden ( 202100-3831) applies to the EBA (available in Swedish only, link). In case of any incompatibilities between this addendum and the Policy, the Policy applies.

The EBA’s treatment of personal information

Any entity that conducts public activities should inform how and in what context data about individuals are used. They should also be able to send transcripts from registers upon demand.

To fulfill its operations in line with the committee directives (in short, to produce and communicate studies of relevance to Sweden’s foreign development assistance), the EBA needs to use personal information.

The Data Protection Regulation states that each entity is responsible for its stored data vis-àvis the registered individual. The information collected by the EBA is processed electronically. The EBA stores the data according to the law of archiving by public authorities.

The EBA holds a list of its existing registers. To access the list, please e-mail us at

How the EBA handles individual information when signing up for the EBA sendlist, ordering of material, and registering for seminars and other events

Personal data (name, organization/employer, position, address, e-mail address) that are provided when signing up for the EBA sendlist, ordering of material, and registering for seminars and other events are saved in the EBA’s contact register. When the EBA arranges seminars, we will inform you with the invitation that we collect contact information, in order to invite you to similar occasions. We also store address information to send out our newsletter. You approve of the treatment of individual information. You can notify us at any time if you no longer wish to be included in our contact register. Please contact us through or at

In some cases, the EBA uses trusted third parties to help us drive our site or with other activities.

Data retention

Personal data is pruned, cleared and anonymised on a regular basis. Personal information is collected by the EBA for different reasons and will therefore be saved for periods of different length. Data will not be retained for longer than is necessary.

Your rights

If any information we hold on you is incomplete or incorrect, the EBA will amend it upon your information.

Depending on the legal basis for our retention of personal data, you may have the right to be removed from our data systems. This implies that you may request to have your personal information deleted if it is no longer needed for the reasons for which the information was collected. The EBA will then delete your details everywhere, except data the EBA is legally obliged to keep.

You have the right to object the EBA’s retention and processing of your information to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA).

How to retrieve a copy of the records

At no cost to you, you have the right to obtain information about what information the EBA holds on you. You can request access to the information through the Government Offices (mail: Regeringskansliet, Förvaltningsavdelningen, 103 33 Stockholm, or via e-mail: Please state your name, civil security number, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address (the one used in previous communication with the EBA or the Government Offices).