Sweden’s Application of the Localisation Agenda of the ‘Grand Bargain’

The agreement between a vast set of government, donors and NGOs at the humanitarian summit in Istanbul 2016 called for major reforms of the international humanitarian system. Some of what was agreed in this ‘Grand Bargain’ is on the way to be acheived, whereas much still remains to be done in key areas.

One of the more problematic, and slow-moving areas concerns the ‘localisation agenda’. This is meant to improve efficiency and effectiveness through increased involvement and agenda for local actors.

This evaluation will scrutinize to what extent and in what ways Sweden has been able to contribute to and implement the localisation agenda.


Sophia Swithern, Independent Consultant

Charlotte Lattimer, Independent Consultant

Teddy Atim, Head of Research, Tufts university, Uganda

Chairperson reference group: Johan Schaar

Project manager EBA: Mats Hårsmar