Lessons Learned from Support to Constitution Building

Constitutions are at the basis of societies. The fundamental rules and laws of how the society should be ruled are expressed in constitutions. They are thus fundamental pillars for social contracts and at the hart of most peace processes when conflict affected countries are to be rebuilt.

Since decades it has been evident that public participation, where key stakeholders may provide their input, is necessary in building constitutions. However, lately the world has also seen a host of unconstitutional power takeovers. This makes it an opportune time to investigate what further lessons have been learned by experts and advisors within constitution building processes.

Results from this knowledge inventory is thought to provide guidance for future support to constitution building processes.


Cheryl Saunders (team leader), professor emerita, Melbourne Law School.

Andy Carl, consultant and senior advisor.

Anna Dziedzic, senior forskare, Melbourne Law School (until August 2023).

Samantha Smith, evaluator, Kantar Public

Johanna Lindström, evaluator/quality assurance, Kantar Public

Chairperson reference group: Joakim Molander

Project manager EBA: Mats Hårsmar