From conflict to long-term development – lessons learnt from Sweden’s aid to Liberia

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Liberia is one of the first countries for Sweden’s development co-operation. As Sweden has been a relatively large and long-term donor in Liberia, we can draw conclusions about how Sweden’s aid has affected the country’s development, which can provide us with important lessons for future development co-operation.

How should a bilateral donor put together its portfolio of interventions? How can we ensure sustainable long-term results development cooperation in poor and fragile countries? How can we achieve good coordination at country level (what is Sweden’s role)? What can Swedish bilateral development cooperation learn from Liberia?

Welcome to a seminar based on EBA’s report: The Long and Winding Road: Evaluation of Swedish Long-Term Development Cooperation with Liberia. The report is authored by an evaluation team led by Christoph Emminghaus. During the seminar, the authors will introduce their report and we will discuss some areas where the report and the case of Liberia lead to deeper learning about how a country portfolio is planned, implemented, and managed.