The EBA Aid Review 2022

The second year of the corona pandemic, 2021, has further confirmed conclusions that became clear during the first: apart from the direct losses of human life, the effects of the pandemic can be measured in a sharp rise in the numbers living in poverty, children missing out on schooling, reduced equality, poorer health and poorer living conditions for a great many people around the world. This poses huge challenges for international aid.

Our annual report The EBA Aid Review 2022 summarises insights and conclusions from our reports and seminars from the previous year. The report is written for a wide audience of policy makers, practitioners and students, as well as the general public with an interest in development issues.

This year’s annual report highlights a number of issues. Among them are development assistance in challenging environments, improved aid evaluation methods and norms and values in development cooperation. You can also read about supporting free and democratic elections, the authenticity of aid evaluation and about circular economy, as well as an interveiw with the EBA chair person, Helena Lindholm.

The EBA Aid Review 2022 is available in English in two formats:

  • Printed version – copies can be ordered by e-mail: ud.eba@gov.se
  • Web version

Also available as audiobook, in Swedish.