Evaluation of Sweden’s long-term development cooperation with Ethiopia

Swedish development cooperation with Ethiopia has a very long history covering a wide range of sectors including rural development, education and research collaboration, gender equality, human rights and democratisation among others.

The aim of this evaluation is twofold:
(i) To gain an in-depth understanding of the relevance and long-term effects of

Swedish development cooperation with Ethiopia

(ii) To generate lessons to inform future Swedish development cooperation with Ethiopia, and

other countries

The evaluation will focus on three clusters of Sida interventions: rural development, education and human rights, gender equality and democratization.

Authors: Bereket Kebede (principal investigator), Gunnar Köhlin, Hailu Elias, Leif Danielsson

Chair, reference group: Kim Forss

Project manager at the EBA: Markus Burman

Expected publication of the report: Oct 2021