Annual report: The EBA Aid Review 2023

Our annual report The EBA Aid Review 2023 summarises insights and conclusions from our reports and seminars from the previous year. The report is written for a wide audience of policy makers, practitioners and students, as well as the general public with an interest in development issues.

This year’s report highlights a number of issues: crisis management capacity, including how well development aid has coped with the pandemic and the importance of social safety nets, Sweden’s role in EU aid, the importance of agricultural aid and the question of what is actually possible and realistic to achieve with aid. There are also texts on the long-standing Swedish development cooperation with Ethiopia, a follow-up of the work against sextortion and an article on political aid policy.

You also find an interview with the EBA’s new chair Torbjörn Becker, as well as with last year’s chair Helena Lindholm.The EBA Aid Review 2023 is available in two formats:

IN PRINT – order your copy from the EBA Secretariat at ud.eba@gov.se
AS PDF – download your copy here.