Evaluation of the Swedish Climate Change Initiative 2009 – 2012

2008 the Government launched a four-year international climate initiative in the context of development cooperation (the Climate Change Initiative 2009-2012) which involved slightly more than sek 4 billion. Sida got about 1/3 of funds (1 150 million) for bilateral and regional efforts, and the MFA had deal with the remaining 2/3 (2 850 million) for multilateral efforts. The aim of the initiative was to effectively contribute to long-term climate adaptation efforts in many poor countries and regions as well as to contribute to their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sweden has during the latest political term raised its ambition further in the international climate aid by increasing investments in both adaptation and emissions reductions to poor countries, which is why the EBA considers it justified to let carry out an ex-post evaluation of the Climate Change Initiative with a focus on long-term sustainability and learning. The authors will analyse programs and operations at both the bilateral and the multilateral level through studies at macro, meso and micro level from a mixed-method approach. The reference-group will actively participate in the elaboration and the development of the study and in a more all-embracing way participate in the learning process.

Author: John Colvin et al/Emerald Network Ltd

Chair, reference group: Johan Schaar

Project manager at EBA: Eva Mineur

Expected delivery of report: Q 4 2019