Acceptance of Green Economy Reforms

Swedish development cooperation shall “support a transition to a fossil-free economic development, built on a resource-efficient, circular and biobased economy with non-toxic flows”. To achieve this, Sweden gives large support to the Green Climate Fund, UN-organisations, development banks and numerous initiatives at the global, regional and national levels. However, what do populations in partner countries think? While the social acceptance of green policy reforms has been studied extensively in OECD countries, there is yet very little knowledge on these issues in low- and middle income countries. Climate investments or environmental policy reforms will most likely fail if there is low social acceptance.

This study will mainly use surveys to find out what the level of acceptance is in a set of East African countries.

Daniel Slunge, Researcher, Environmental Economics and Director of the Environment for Development Network, Gothenburg University

Niklas Harring, Associate professor, political science, Gothenburg University

Anna Nordén, Associate professor, Environmental Economics, Jönköping University

Chair EBA reference group: Johan Schaar

Project manager at EBA: Mats Hårsmar