2015 Business, Education

Youth, entrepreneurship and development

Kjetil Bjorvatn

Young people in low income countries have realistically very minor options to get a job in the formal sector of the economy. Most will instead find themselves in the informal sector, with all the insecurity and low income that it implies. What can improve the chances for young people to be self-employed? How can improved entrepreneurship help people improve their livelihoods?

The study aims at summarizing research results on entrepreneurship training and micro-credit. What do we know about effects from different interventions aimed at training young people to become entrepreneurs? Are effects different from men to women, from urban areas to rural, and how should training modules be designed? How can optimal development results be reached? The study will build on reseach conducted by professor Kjetil Bjorvatn and colleagues, as well as on a wider literature. The geographical focus will be East Africa.

Author: Kjetil Bjorvatn, Norwegian Business School, Bergen

The report was presented in the following seminar.