2018 Public administration

Who Makes the Decisions on Swedish Aid Funding? An Overview

Expertgruppen för biståndsanalys

This report provides an overview of the financial governance of Swedish ODA at the national level. Many different stakeholders at various levels are involved in the decision-making process for Swedish aid including the Parliament, the Government, the Government offices and state authorities, local governments, local level authorities, and implementing organisations. This report reviews the national level actors’ formal authority to decide how and for what purposes aid funds are used.

Our hope is that this study will help to increase knowledge of how decisions on Swedish aid funding are made and that it will form a basis for future analyses of the effectiveness and governance of Swedish aid. The report is geared towards everyone interested in public financial governance but perhaps particularly those in the different “decision nodes” described in the report who would like to know more about the decision-making processes that precede and follow their own decisions.

The report is a translated, shortened and updated version of a previously published EBA-study (EBA 2016:06, “Vem beslutar om det svenska biståndet? En översikt”). Revisions have been made by Mats Hårsmar with the assistance of Lena Johansson de Chateau, both at the EBA secretariat.