Men and Masculinities in Social Protection Strategies for Women’s Economic Empowerment

This study will build on the growing literature on social protection mechanisms to specifically highlight how gender norms and ideas about masculinities shape couple and family dynamics. It will also look at how these affect and are affected by the design and implementation of women-focused social protection initiatives. The key research question is how social protection programming can better integrate and apply a gender-relational lens, including an analysis of masculinities and power dynamics, with the aim of making them more effective and sustainable.

The study will seek to identify good practices and lessons learnt that can inform development and improvement in the design of gender transformative social protection policies and programs that are successful in tackling the goals of poverty eradication, women’s empowerment, and gender equality.


Authors: Gary Barker, Ruti Levtov and Kate Doyle

Chair, reference group: Julia Schalk

Project manager: Eva Mineur

Expected delivery of report: Second quarter 2019