Joint evaluation of the Nordic Development Fund (NDF)

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) Board has asked for an independent joint Nordic evaluation of the performance of the NDF in accordance to its mandate and an assessment of the NDFs potential future role as a joint Nordic financing instrument for development. The evaluation shall concern the mandate from 2009 and onwards including the focus on climate change investments. Four questions will guide the evaluation: Has the NDF delivered on its mandate? What is the current value added of NDF in an international perspective? What should key priorities be to further strengthen NDF’s added value and comparative advantage in the international climate financing architecture? and should the NDF play a different or wider role on behalf of the Nordic administrations, either through a broader climate change and development mandate or in other areas prioritised by the Nordic countries? Much focus will be put on governance issues, relevance, effectiveness and sustainability but also impact from the investments. By the end of May 2019, the evaluators will present their conclusions to the NDF Board. A reference group made of representatives from the Nordic MoFA/evaluation units as well as externals on climate developing finance has been set up, EBA will chair the reference group.

Authors: Particip, Stephen Spratt as TL

Chair, reference group: Eva Lithman, EBA

Project manager EBA: Eva Mineur

Expected delivery of report: Q3, 2019