Evidence Summaries in Support of SDG 14 “Life Below Water”

The adoption in 2015 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established for the first time a global framework for addressing the most pressing issues to reverse the decline in the health and productivity of the oceans and its ecosystems. Under SDG14 a new set of targets have been set relating specifically to fishing and the fisheries sector. With these targets in place the global community has pledged greater commitment to ensuring not only the environmental resilience of the resources, but also the socio-economic resilience of fisheries-dependent communities and populations. Sweden has taken a leading position e.g. with the co-chairing of the 2017 UN Ocean Conference and declared its intent to expand the support to global efforts related to SDG14.

This study is a scoping review of evaluations of development cooperation interventions in fisheries with the purpose of supporting the Swedish government in the design and planning of interventions supporting the implementation of SDG14, in particular its fisheries targets.

Authors: Gonzalo Carneiro, Raphaëlle Bisiaux, Mary Frances Davidson and Tumi Tómasson

Chair, reference group: Torgny Holmgren

Project manager: Markus Burman

Expected delivery of report: 4th quarter 2018