Evaluation of the Long-term Development Cooperation Between Sweden and Bosnia in the Area of Inclusive Economic Development

This evaluation assesses the contribution of long-run development co-operation between Sweden and Bosnia to Inclusive economic development in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Focus is on the period from 1995 up to the present.

The evaluation is guided by two overall questions:

  1. Has Swedish aid contributed to Inclusive Economic Development and Market Transformation in Bosnia and Hercegovina over time, and if so, in what way and to what extent? Has Sweden chosen the most cost-effective means of impact?
  2. What important lessons can be learnt from bilateral development cooperation with Bosnia and Hercegovina during the period concerned, and how can these lessons inform Swedish development cooperation today?

Authors: Claes Lindahl, Julie Catterson Lindahl, Tamara Ivankovic and Mikael Söderbäck

Project Manager: Markus Burman