2020 Evaluation

Evaluation of Sweden’s application of international principles for engagement in fragile states

In 2011 a group of fragile states, donor governments and international organisations adopted common principles for engagement in fragile states. Not least Sweden was heavily engaged in promoting this ’New Deal’ for such engagement. Following this, these principles were applied within Swedish strategies for development cooperation with several fragile states.

In 2016, an international conference was held in Stockholm to renew and deepen the work with these principles. However, today, the importance of the ’New Deal’ seems to have waned. At the same time, engagement in fragile states and situations are steadily becoming more acute and relevant. How have the principles been applied during the last decade, what lessons have been learned and what may still be learned for future work in fragile states, environments and situations?

Authors: Gary Milante, Jups Kluyskens, Jannie Lilja, Samantha Smith och Florence Etta.

Reference group chair: Magnus Lindell

Project lead at the EBA: Mats Hårsmar

Expected publication: May 2021.