Evaluation of secondments as a tool for promoting Swedish policy priorities in multilateral organisations

Personnel programs, such as secondments, have a long history in Swedish aid. There are generally three different objectives identified for Sweden’s use of secondments. Firstly, to contribute to strengthening the Swedish resource base. Secondly to contribute with competence or specific expertise. Finally, one objective is also to contribute to Swedish goals through secondments as part of a strategic Swedish advocacy in multilateral organisations.

The EBA has started an evaluation of how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Sida use secondments to promote Swedish development policy priorities within the UN system and the EU. The evaluation will contribute to practical learning and highlight how secondments can be used as effectively as possible, based on not only Swedish experiences.

Lisa Dellmuth, Associate Professor, International Relations at the Department of Economic History and International Relations at Stockholm University

Paul Levin, Docent in International Relations  and Director of the Stockholm University Institute of Turkish Studies

Elisabeth Rosvold, PhD, Stockholm University

Nicklas Svensson, Partner and Senior Consultant, Stockholm Policy Group AB

Chair, reference group: Sara Johansson de Silva

Project manager at EBA: Númi Östlund