Enhancing self-reliance through social protection in situations of forced displacement

This study aims to map to what extent displaced people (refugees and internally displaced people) have access to systems of social protection, formally and in practice. By gathering existing data, combined with a deeper dive in country cases, increased knowledge may be gained.

Forcibly displaced persons would enhance their self-reliance if they can have improved access to social protection. Such improved coverage would also help host country governments strengthen their local governance systems. The study aims to assist both donor and host country governments to formulate policies and programmes that support social protection coverage for all.

The study is undertaken in collaboration between the OECD Development Centre and EBA.


Jason Gagnon, lead economist, migration and skills, OECD Development Centre

Mona Ahmed, junior economist, migration and skills, OECD Development Centre

Lisa Hjelm, program manager, EBA

Jens Hesemann, Senior policy advisor, OECD DCD

Chair EBA reference group: Helena Lindholm

Program manager at EBA: Mats Hårsmar