Democracy, State and Development: Governance Challenges in Africa

Economic development in Africa is strong. But how is democratic development doing in Africa? Global measurements of development and governance are based on global indices like, for example, the World Development Index (WDI), the World Governance Indicators (WGI), and, more recently, Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem). Development in African countries is measured, compiled and compared between countries and globally, with countries outside Africa. This type of comparative, index based studies of development tend to answer questions like “what?” and “when?” rather than “how?” and “why?”.

In the report, an attempt is made to restore the balance between the value of global comparisons and more thorough analysis of national, political systems. What drives political agency in Africa? And how can variations in governance between African countries be explained? In four country cases – Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda – the author researches variations in regime types and nuances of democratic development. Finally, the implications of the study findings in relation to aid practice and policy making are discussed.

Author: Göran Hydén

Chair, reference group: Eva Lithman

Project manager at EBA: Lena Johansson De Chateau

Expected delivery of report: Q 2 2019