”Blended Finance” – What does the use of ODA to ‘catalyze’ private finance mean for overall ODA allocation?

Samantha Attridge, Matthew Gouett, Jesse Griffiths, Polly Meeks, Annalisa Prizzon

Financing the Sustainable Development Goals will take huge amounts of additional finance, not least in low- and middle-income countries. It is evident that official development assistance, ODA, will be insufficient. To go “from billions to trillions” will demand tapping into private finance on a large scale.

Hence, ODA is increasingly used for mobilizing private capital. But what does that imply in terms of overall use of ODA? Will it be steered away from certain sectors and countries where human needs still are large?

Authors: Polly Meeks, Samantha Attridge, Jesse Griffiths, Annalisa Prizzon and Matthew Gouett

Reference group chair: Torgny Holmgren

Project manager at EBA: Mats Hårsmar

Expected publication: Q4 2019