Swedish aid in the era of shrinking space – the case of Turkey

In recent years, developments in Turkey have changed the conditions under which CSOs in the country must operate. This is in line with a broader global trend often referred to as the shrinking space for civil society. Sweden is the only country with bilateral aid to Turkey and is currently in the middle of the strategy period 2014-2020. Sida’s own mid-term review indicates that the premises for the strategy have been changed and therefore the strategy needs to be revised. This study will evaluate the ongoing changes in the Swedish assistance to Turkey, in relation to the country’s shrinking space for civil society and with a particular focus on gender equality. One aim is to contribute to increased knowledge of how the governance of Swedish aid through strategies, as an instrument, manage rapid changes in partner countries. What readiness is there?   

Authors: Paul T. Levin, Åsa Eldén

Chair, reference group: Helena Lindholm

Project manager: Eva Mineur

Expected delivery of report: 2nd quarter 2018