Sweden’s funding for UN Funds and Programmes

Since many years back Sweden has been a strong proponent of core support to multilateral organizations. It is the view of the government that this augurs for a more efficient, transparent and coherent activity in the multilateral organizations. This view has received strong support from the OECD/DAC, for example in the report Multilateral Aid 2015. At the same time this report clearly points to an increasing trend of earmarked financing to the same organizations. It is pointed out in the report that as much as 76% of the support to the UN Funds and Programs was earmarked in 2015 – this is in stark contrast to the corresponding figure eight years earlier which was 58%.

Sweden’s core support to the UN Funds and Programs today makes up a rather significant share of the total core support of a number of multilateral organizations. With a declining share of total core support it thus becomes pertinent to understand what role of Sweden’s core support comes to play and which consequences this may have on Sweden’s role as a financial supporter – and draw conclusions for how, going forward, Sweden’s support should be formed in order to effectively contribute to the activities of these organizations. This is the purpose of the study.

Authors: Stephen Browne and Thomas G. Weiss

Chair, reference group: Torgny Holmgren

Project manager: Per Trulsson

Expected delivery of report: 3rd quarter 2017