On-going evaluation of gender mainstreaming av Sida

Gender equality and the role of women in development are highly prioritized issues in Sweden´s international development cooperation. Sida´s main strategy for promoting gender equality is through gender mainstreaming. Using mainstreaming to achieve gender equality is not a new strategy in Swedish development cooperation but it is particularly interesting to learn more about such strategies, given that Sida together with a range of other government agencies have been encouraged to strengthen their work on gender mainstreaming until 2018. In light of these increased ambitions, the EBA has decided to commission a study focusing on the following questions: “Is gender mainstreaming an effective tool for increased focus on gender equality at Sida and for achieveing gender equaity?” and “What could and should be done in order to strengthen the work on gender mainstreaming at Sida?”. Given that there are a number of on-going activities until 2018, the EBA has requested an on-going evaluation approach. The study will be based on analysis of documents, interview, focus group discussions and other interactive methods, and the overall purpose is to use a learning perspective in the implementation of the evaluation.

Authors: Fredrik Uggla and Elin Bjarnegård

Chair, reference group: Julia Schalk

Project manager: Markus Burman

Expected delivery of report: 4th quarter 2017