Evaluation of Swedfunds poverty impact

Development finance institutions (DFI) aim at contributing to development by financing investments of importance for development that, under lack of such financing, would not take place. The Owner’s Instructions for the Swedish DFI, Swedfund, state that Swedfund operations have the same goal as Sweden’s international aid, to contribute to the creation of conditions for improved standard of living for people who live in poverty and oppression. The starting point for Swedish aid is based on the needs and circumstances of the poor and oppressed. This evaluation focuses on finding an as good as possible answer to the question: Have the investments undertaken by Swedfund contributed to poverty reduction and, if so, to what extent, and how?

Authors: Stephen Spratt, Chris Barnett and Charley Clarke, Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

Chair, reference group: Kim Forss

Project manager: Markus Burman

Expected delivery of report: 4th quarter 2017