• Support to PFM-reforms abroad starts at home

    Most would agree that prudent and effective Public Finance Management (PFM) is essential in low- and middle income countries. Well-functioning institutions are key to economic growth and development and are […]

  • Concentration difficulties? It´s politics, stupid!

    Sweden has repeatedly been criticized for spreading its bilateral Official Development Assistance (ODA) thinly. For example, the OECD’s recent peer review of Sweden’s development assistance  concluded that “In the absence […]

  • Inequalities challenge health progress

    What would it take to reach a ”grand convergence” in global health by 2035? What actions are necessary in order to reduce mortality in low- and lower middle-income countries to […]

  • EBA and its “double independence”

    How does EBA pursue its work on a daily basis? Well, we first try to find the most important questions to study, and then decide on who should get the […]

  • Welcome to a new committee!

    The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA) was set up by the Swedish government in 2013. The Terms of Reference announce that we “will continuously evaluate and analyse Sweden’s international development […]