Annual report – “Biståndsanalys”

The annual report (‘Biståndsanalys 2014’) report outlines the expert group’s opinions, activities and ongoing projects. An important part of the initial work has been identifying relevant questions about Swedish development aid to tackle. Within the framework of this work EBA has held discussions and arranged seminars on various topics. These have raised a large number of issues that EBA will return to.

EBA acknowledges that there are many actors who carry out evaluations and analyses within the development assistance field. There is therefore much research and experience for EBA to build on.

At the same time, EBA believes, based for instance on its commissioned study on multilateral aid, that there are a number of shortcomings in the Swedish development assistance statistics with respect to quality and availability. As a result, EBA welcomes continued efforts to make statistics easily accessible ss, since this is a precondition for any attempts to evaluate and analyse Swedish development assistance.

EBA has identified health aid, democracy aid and multilateral development aid as interesting areas for a number of studies but will not only focus on these areas.